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... 5/22/2015
Jenks, II, James K.
... 5/20/2015
Krska, Robert T.
... 5/19/2015
Kralj, Diane A.
... 5/17/2015
Doyle, Florence C.
... 5/13/2015
DeJesus, Joseph Apostol
... 5/13/2015
Steinke, Milton J.
... 5/3/2015
De Alvarez, Raquel Carmona
... 4/28/2015
Christopher, William A.
... 4/28/2015
Michaliska, Ernest Ernie
... 4/25/2015
Varak, Ann Emily

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Your family is very important to us and we are always available to serve. The Moravecek Family has been serving the area for well over a century. In so doing we have always striven to provide better and more accessible service options for the families we are honored to serve.

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As you visit our site and learn more about Ivins Funeral Home, we are confident that you will see why our home has experienced such long term success as well as the dedication of so many families over the years. We hope you will contact us with your questions and concerns, and let us help you.

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